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CV & Interview Advice for Technology Professionals

I help technology professionals find and secure new jobs at higher salaries.


My clients have landed roles at Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, Tableau, Adobe & Braze (among others), & I would encourage you to read my testimonials in the first instance.

Technology companies are always changing, & for the last 5 years I have been helping people modernise their CV's, prepare for interviews, overhaul their LinkedIn profiles, negotiate better salaries & generally re-think their approach to finding a new role.

Nearly a decade spent working in recruitment & technology (most recently with IBM) has given me a unique view of technology talent & the major pitfalls most people make when searching for a new role.


My aim is simple:


  1. Help you get more interviews (via a modern CV & LinkedIn profile)

  2. Arm you with context & insightful questions to uncover key information during an interview process (e.g. is the culture is a good fit, are the progression opportunities real etc.) so that you have an accurate overall picture before taking the plunge

  3. Maximise your package when you are finally made an offer

If you would like to conduct a more thorough stalking (always a good idea in my opinion!) then please check me out on LinkedIn to see what my customers & colleagues have to say about me.


For any further information please visit the services page or reach out & say hello - I'd be delighted to help! :)





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